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Ella Dixon, 9, races in Honda Cadet in The Kart Championship, a national racing series. 

Like her brother Andy, Ella got her start in karting as a bambino aged just 4 under the watchful eye of Darrell Jones at Daytona Sandown Park. In 2019, Ella started racing in the Bambino Club at Buckmore Park and had worked her way into podium contention just as Covid-19 hit in early 2020. With Buckmore Park shut throughout the pandemic, we bought a used Comer C50 bambino package and Ella joined her brother in owner-driver racing with Grass Roots Racing. 


2020 was a year of learning, as much for Dad on the spanners as for Ella behind the wheel. More often than not it was Ella's engine that let her down, rather than driver error. At the end of the season we decided to have Ella's engine rebuilt by the guys at Venom Race Engines, which improved its performance dramatically. With a view to being more competitive in 2021, we also bought an even stronger engine from Venom.

2021 saw Ella compete in the Bayford Meadows club championship AND in the SuperOne Series national championship in the Comer C50 New Era class! Much like her brother, Ella has always been big for her age. Despite being as much as 5 kgs over the minimum weight (a lot for a little Comer C50 engine) Ella was fiercely competitive all year.  Like it was for her brother, every track on the SuperOne schedule was a new experience for Ella, so it was always going to be tough to get to the front. Ella raced her heart out and finished 15th overall out of 25 drivers in the SuperOne championship. But closer to home, things really came together at the end of the season. Ella took her first Bambino race win at Lydd in November and followed that up by winning the final round of the Bayford Meadows club championship in December! With that win in the final at Bayford and a big haul of championships points in the final round, Ella became the first girl to WIN the bambino club championship at Bayford Meadows! Ella's smile that day was unforgettable. 


Ella was back in the high profile SuperOne Series in 2022, this time joining Andy in the Honda Cadet class as a novice. It was always going to be a year of learning for Ella, in a bigger and heavier kart (inherited from Andy), a faster engine, and slick tyres for the dry. Ella raced hard and made steady improvement throughout the year, having some great on-track battles and achieving a personal best of 6th in a heat race at Clay Pigeon. Ella finished a very respectable 15th in the championship out of 32, whilst being the youngest driver on the grid!


Much like 2021, as the season progressed Ella's confidence grew and her results improved - a lot! In October 2022, Ella finished P2 in an IKR race at Clay Pigeon and followed that up by taking three podiums on the bounce in the UK IKR Series at Shenington with her Honda GX200, including back-to-back P2s! Although Ella was disappointed not to cap the year off with a win at Shenington it was nonetheless an incredible and inspiring way wrap up her rookie season in Cadet! 


In 2023, Ella is again competing in Honda cadet, this year committing to race in The Kart Championship using her Honda GX200. Unlike the Honda GX160, the GX200 is an affordable engine that is built to be equal to other GX200s and sealed to ensure they cannot be illegally modified. This means that the drivers are on equal equipment and helps ensure that driver skill is the most important factor.


Ella is looking for your support, to keep her fighting for race wins and podiums. If you are interested in Partnering with Ella, you can find our details on the Contact page.


2023, we are coming for you!

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