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Motorsport is expensive and to continue to make our dreams a reality, fighting for race wins and championships, we need support from companies and brands who want to support us.

Racing in the series we do, we have constant live streams, which are shown live on Youtube and social media, as well as Amazon TV following the series, creating a bespoke tv documentary called Driven Dreams.

We can offer our Partners great coverage over social media, through our own Facebook and Instagram channels, with mentions before, during and after every race. Social media is king, bringing your brand to new people all over the world, right onto their phone or computer.


Our race overalls are a blank canvas, making them a great advertising board for your brand, perfect for your branding.

And then we get to the kart, the biggest billboard of all, especially front running ones and a kart in each of the CKC and JKC classes! The karts are photographed a lot, as well as being captured by the live TV cameras and spectators when the kart is on track or in the paddock, whether it be a small part of the kart, or a larger proportion, your brand will be seen.

We would love to talk more about how we can bring your brand to new followers, working on a specific personal plan with you, to maximise the exposure you get.

You can watch the Driven Dreams trailer below. You can find our contact details on the Contact page.

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